Education and Training at Humber Primary Care

Manor House Surgery is an educational and training practice approved by Health Education England, Hull York Medical School and Hull & York Universities. We are involved in supporting the training of GP Trainees, medical and nursing students, and clinical practitioners.

GP Training

We are approved as a GP training practice in 2016 and welcomed our first GP trainee in 2017. Most GPs in training are with us for six months. They are qualified doctors, already experienced, but with us to learn more about a range of conditions and how we treat them in the community.

GP Trainees can see you for any condition. If they are unsure, they will have immediate access to supervision from their nominated GP trainer or one of the other GPs. Having GP trainees enables patients to see a wider range of clinicians, whilst allowing the surgery to benefit from the fresh ideas and approaches brought by young and enthusiastic doctors.

Medical Students

We are a teaching partner with Hull York Medical School. We have both Year 3 and Year 4 medical students attached to the practice for several weeks at a time. With the patients' approval, medical students will be observed and occasionally lead consultations. They will always be supervised. Appropriate verbal consent from patients will be sought. Medical students are bound by a professional code of confidentiality.

Video Recordings

As a training practice, video recordings are sometimes made of consultations. These are made for teaching purposes only and are only ever made with your consent. You have the right to refuse. However, we could stress that all aspects of general practice, including training, are governed by rules of strict confidentiality. No examinations are filmed. All recordings are deleted after their use in training. Your cooperation is appreciated.