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Humber Primary Care, a single practice over two sites.

The merger which took place on the 15th June, brought together the clinical systems used by the practices to create a single patient list. All appointments until 18th July will be booked at your usual site. From 18th July clinics will be run from both sites which means your appointment may take place at either practice.

By allowing patients at both sites access to the combined expertise of a wider clinical team we will continue to offer personalised care to our patients with long term conditions as well as be able to respond to those who have a more urgent health needs.

There will be no difference in service levels on a day-to-day basis for patients.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information:

When will the merge take place? Manor House Surgery in Bridlington and Practice Two in Bridlington will merge on 15th June 2022, The new merged practice will be called Humber Primary Care.
Will any sites be closing as a result of the merger? No. Both Providence Place site and Station Avenue will remain open.
Will I need to re-register? No. All patients will be automatically merge into one system, and your health records will stay within one single secure database.
Will I still go to my usual Practice site for my appointments once the Practices have merged? Yes until 18th July

All appointments until 18th July will be booked at your usual site. However from 18th July we plan to run clinics for all patients from both sites. You will be told which site your appointment is at, either Providence Place or Station Avenue.

Why might I need to go to another site from 18th July? Will depend on what type of appointment you need and if you need an ‘on the day’ appointment.
Will I still be able to make an appointment with my usual doctor or nurse? As part of the Merger, it may be that you see someone who you haven’t previously seen as there will be more GPs and Nurses available to you.

We will always book you an appointment with the most appropriate clinician for your problem so this may not be a GP but an Advanced Clinical Practitioner or a Nurse.

Will I still be able to make appointments in the same way? Yes. We will continue to provide daily appointments with doctors, nurses, and healthcare assistants. In addition to these appointments, we also offer e-consult. As part of improving the service, we will be offering some face-to-face appointments with GPs, but will also continue to offer telephone appointments for patients who prefer this method and when it is appropriate to do so.
Why do the practices have to merge? To secure the long-term viability of the Practices, ensuring we can recruit GPs and other clinical roles to deliver Primary Care services to the population of Bridlington.


Joint working as part of the Bridlington Primary Care Network (PCN) has allowed us to develop and deliver services tailored to the needs of the PCN patient populations. Merging the Practice will facilitate this further and allow us to react to patient and service needs quicker and more efficiently.

Will the surgery opening times stay the same? Yes.
How will you make sure there is no reduction in the quality of services that are provided? The quality of our services will continue to remain our number one priority and will continue to be monitored in the same way as they are now. We will continue to benchmark all our services against national and local targets to ensure that we are flexible in our response to meet patient needs.
Will the merger affect my treatment or medication I receive? No. Current treatments, medications or investigations will not be affected.  Continue to order in the normal process.
How will the merger benefit staff? Our clinical staff will have access to a wider pool of clinical knowledge and expertise to draw upon. The administration team will have more time to spend on responding to and delivering the care our patients need.
Will the contact details be changing?


Once the merger has completed, phone numbers will remain the same until the 18th July 2022 where we will then convert to a central telephone line with a dedicated team. More information on this will follow soon. Websites will be redirected to the new Humber Primary Care site and the practice email addresses will be forwarded to the new Humber Primary Care address. We will be sure to keep all patients updated at the time through ongoing communications, including any information about new websites and contact points.